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At Nemo’s Llangollen we only use the finest produce  so we can prepare all our chip shop classic meals to the highest of standards. From our selection of British potatoes  and sourcing the finest fish fillets we like to strive deliver the best chip shop meals and a fantastic customer experience. We keep our Our

Our potatoes

Nemo Fish & Chips Llangollen  we select the best of British potatoes, in turn making wonderfully tasty chips. For freshness we peel & prepare all our chips in house producing some of the best  quality chips in the area, tasting is believing!

Our Fish

To make the best Fish and Chips the first step is to choose the best produce, prepare the ingredients well and cook to the highest of standards.  We select our fish fillets for quality, sustainability and freshness this way we ensure we get the tastiest fish to complement our lovely  chips. We choose quality Rapeseed

At Nemo’s we cook all our fish and chips using Rapeseed Oil.  Rapeseed Oil is proven to be lower in calories and fat than alternative cooking oils such as Beef Dripping and Palm Fat used by some other chip shops for frying fish and chips. As well as the reduction in calories Rapeseed Oil is

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